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Chiropractor West Bloomfield MI Eric Mintz



Dr. Eric Mintz provides superb chiropractic care, with a personal touch and clinical excellence, in West Bloomfield. We are here to help you reach your goals.


In our practice, we exceed our patients' expectations for great chiropractic care. Count on our team to address your issues and answer all your questions. 

Chiropractor West Bloomfield MI

Welcome to Synergy Chiropractic located in West Bloomfield. As a chiropractor in West Bloomfield I understand that you have a lot of choices to make when it comes to chiropractors. I'm so glad you're here and look forward to meeting you and your family soon.


You’ll know the moment you arrive that this is the place. We are here to exceed your expectations.





Our West Bloomfield office provides patients with positive chiropractic experiences that will protect and maintain their lifestyle.

Synergy Chiropractic

Our office is located at 6250 Orchard Lake Road Suite B in West Bloomfield, MI. We are on the west side of Orchard Lake Road just north of Maple Road in the Orchard Hills Professional Plaza. Our office is located behind Accents Medical Spa in Suite B set back from Orchard Lake Road. We recommend you turn in at the traffic light next to Orchard Maple Dental and you'll see our building to the right (it looks like a little house). Parking is available next to our suite or you can park behind the dental office as well. We look forward to seeing you!

Chiropractic West Bloomfield IL Office Building



About Dr. Mintz

I was born and raised in the West Bloomfield area and wanted to give back to the community in which I was raised. That is why we opened our chiropractic office in West Bloomfield MI. This a wonderful area to raise a family in and having a focus on helping children achieve the happiest, healthiest life possible. West Bloomfield was a natural choice for me to start my practice in. My first chiropractic office was actually in Keego Harbor, MI and we relocated the practice to it's current West Bloomfield location in 2009.

Why We Are One Of The Top Chiropractic Clinics

What sets our us apart from other West Bloomfield chiropractors is that we are the ONLY office in West Bloomfield that offers both the Network Spinal Analysis technique of gentle adjustments as well as Neurofeedback to help with ADHD, anxiety, migraines, insomnia, PTSD and other neurological conditions. We also offer short term relief care for those that wish to receive this type of chiropractic care. While most chiropractors want you to come three times and week for the rest of your life, our office allows you to choose the type of care that you desire.
Some common conditions that Synergy Chiropractic has helped chiropractic patients with are back pain, neck pain, tension headaches, migraine headaches, allergies, asthma, bed-wetting, colic and digestive issues. Also people notice more energy, ability to handle stress better and improved quality of life. With our neurofeedback program we have helped patients with ADHD, anxiety, Asperger's, insomnia, PTSD, fibromyalgia, memory loss, learning disorders, addiction, depression, and chronic fatigue syndrome.

What People Don't Know About Chiropractic Care In West Bloomfield

A common misconception that people in West Bloomfield have about chiropractic care is that you can become addicted and once you start you will have to go the rest of your life. This couldn't be further from the truth. Chiropractic in our office isn't a long term commitment. We make short term care recommendations based on your particular condition and don't require you to come in three times a week for the rest of your life. Some patients choose to continue care because of the amazing changes they've experience and want to make chiropractic part of their life, but that is totally up to you!

Please be sure to visit the rest of my site for a wealth of information on Chiropractic, Neurofeedback, Customized Food Testing, Nutrition, and Healthy Lifestyle choices. You will soon see why we think that Synergy Chiropractic is the best West Bloomfield Chiropractor and we are here to serve your needs.

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If you're sick and tired of being sick and tired and ready to start living a happy, healthy, pain-free life give the office a call today at (248) 862-2202. I look forward to seeing you soon!

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